HindiTechnoCard services

Website Design & Development

Static Website 

Static websites are those sites that need changes manually once developed. These types of websites can not interact with the users. The only way to interact with the user is through contact or feedback form. You need these types of websites if you want only to provide some information to the users about your business or organization. You can not accept payment or sell products online through these types of websites. You can only advertise your product or organization using these websites.

We will make these types of websites for you with the integration of contact form which will help you to collect details like phone number and email address of users. You can reach them directly using this information. This can cut your advertising cost up to 60%. 

eCommerce Website 

If you want to sell your products online like Amazon or Flipkart, we can make such websites for you.  We will integrate a shopping cart, wishlist, order tracking & different payment methods like bank transfer, UPI, Payal, Credit, or Debit card payment.we will provide you a complete control panel where you can manage orders and calculate profit and any other things you want. 

Don't worry about the products. Let us add them for you. Any sale, offer or coupon codes we will manage everything for you till you become an expert to manage them all. 

Affiliate Website

Affiliate marketing is something through which you can earn a commission for helping a brand to sell their products. The only trending brand is the Amazon affiliate program. But except this, there are tons of brands that provide affiliate programs with a better commission than the Amazon affiliate program. But if you need success through this then you must have your own website where you can promote the affiliate products.

We will create such websites for you with up to 3 blog posts to rank your website on top of the search engine.

Logo Design

We design both 2D & 3D logo with the help of our creative team consisting of experienced graphics designer and a tattoo artist. We guaranty quality and super fast delivery. You will never find a high quality logo anywhere at such a price. We will design any types of a logo for your business, website, or youtube channel.

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