MY THERAPIST – Pet’s Day April 11, 2022

Coming back home, from work after a long tiring day, seems no less than an arduous task but what could be better than having your own therapist at home, who is willing to shower unconditional love upon you which lets you get rid of all your tiredness within a nick of time. YES, my pet is my therapist. Pets are civilized. They remind us we have an obligation to preserve and nurture for all life, such short little lives they have to spend with us, and they spending most of their time waiting for us to come home each day. Because pets are the only ones on earth who love you more than they love themselves.


April 11, is celebrated as National Pet’s Day. National Pet Day was founded by Colleen Paige, a renowned animal welfare advocate, and lifestyle expert. It was created to highlight and mark the situation of animals based in shelters across the globe and decided to celebrate the joy that pets bring into our lives. As a family Lifestyle Expert, she wanted to celebrate all pets in the world.  Encouraging and promoting adoption as a first choice was the main idea behind National Pet Day.

It gives you the opportunity to hug, cuddle your pet more and let him know how much they are important in your life. But if you’re a pet lover, there is no single day where you do not enjoy your pet’s companionship. Hugs, cuddles from our pets, are all we want. According to research, it has been proved that having a pet alongside has many physical and mental benefits on humans. It helps to keep blood pressure and cholesterol intact. It helps the person get over depression, anxiety, and loneliness, and makes one grab the opportunity to interact with the environment, socialize, learn and grow. Pets play an important role in living a stress-free life. Having them around, makes humans feel positive and energetic, families come together and make time for another.

How wonderful is that? All thanks to my pet.

Trying to steal your heart with their joyful and cheerful behavior, speak with you with their eyes asking for love, where I don’t see the animal but a soul filled with hope, where my day starts and ends with its wagging tail. Not forgoing its body, which is as soft as fur, soothing my body when it cuddles me. Do you call it happiness? I call it LIFE!

Animals are unaware of the ways of the world, once they become friends, they are always friends. They are loyal till the end. They do not know about betrayal. You being a pet lover, comprehend the true meaning your pet holds for you. You may have scolded him for causing mischief, but even then, they will not leave you. When I feel low, all I do is watch my pets, and my courage returns.

People are being encouraged to love their pets, spoil them, adopt pets, help, and volunteer as much as they could. National Pet Day celebrates unconditional love.


Be it a cat or a dog, if you own a pet, undoubtedly, your health will improve with time. The human, animal relationship is considered to be special from past times. They help not only children, to be more physically engaged in activities but also the elderly get over with their workload pressure, social anxiety, and inferiority complex. Pets have the ability to understand human emotions, interpret them and act

accordingly. In no time he will know whether you are happy or sad, or if you are in no mood to play. They are smart in catching things really quickly! Trying to accompany you in your saddest times, makes them your only best friend.

But why is it always that only cats and dogs are talked about? We may have birds as pets too. But, birds to be more precise should be kept in open and let them enjoy their flight in the air, not restricting them to only cages that affect their freedom. Intelligent and beautiful birds, having a long life-span have been better companions to humans with their cheerful and inquisitive nature which lets them chirp all day, making our morning fresh. What’s better than waking up with the chirp of those tiny birds?


Why worry about bitter medications, when you can get a ‘DOG DOSE’. Accompanied by a pet, helps one gain confidence, realize self-worth, and be exposed to the social and cultural environment. They make life meaningful and exciting. There are tons of responsibilities coming along with them, as having one is no less than having a baby. However, the happiness one gets from him, makes it all worth it. So, you got to be lucky if you are embraced with his love. After all, your pets are your medicines, what else do you need?


We celebrate our pets every day, by pampering them, nurturing them but don’t they deserve to be pampered a little bit extra on their day? It’s their day and they deserve much more extra happiness, demanding a little bit more of our love and attention. It is okay to take some time out of our busy schedule for them. Celebrating adopting a pet from a local shelter or adopting an animal can become the greatest gift ever received in your life and can help save lives.

You can also volunteer at your local shelter and help take care of the animals by giving the dogs walks around the area. You can also help feed and care for them.


Pampering could be as simple as taking your dog for a walk in the park or it could be as lavish as your dog enjoying dog SPA in a dog parlor. Sounds interesting and EXPENSIVE. But, come on, it’s their day and they deserve to be treated like kings and queens…

It may be a special treat to your pet, could be anything that he is fond of eating and that suits his taste. Or it could be taking him to a pet parlor where he can play along with his companions without any restrictions.


My dear Readers,

I express my deepest gratitude to all my fellow readers, for having let their time be dedicated to my writings. I, Ranshita Valecha, have been fascinated with writing for a long time and my love for furry creatures, gave me an opportunity to explore, research, and write by giving my own perspective and experience to the things around me.

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